Breaking News: Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department's Rapid Response to North Beach House Fire
By Past President Richard Peterson
May 2, 2024

In a swift response, Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department units sprang into action today at 1443 hours after receiving urgent alerts to the 4000 block of 4th Street in North Beach. The distressing reports of a house fire were met with professionalism and dedication by our heroic units.

Upon arrival at the scene, our units were met with a fire blazing in the rear of a single-story single-family home. Without hesitation, Dunkirk VFD seamlessly assisted North Beach units in the fire attack, showcasing the essence of teamwork and collaboration in times of crisis.

Truck 5 took on the critical tasks of conducting primary searches and ventilation, with the invaluable assistance of Rescue 5, ensuring a thorough and efficient operation to safeguard lives and property.

The unwavering commitment and bravery displayed by Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department in moments like these truly exemplify the essence of service to the community. Stay tuned for more updates on our dedicated efforts to keep Calvert County safe. 🚒🔥 #DunkirkVFD #CommunityHeroes #SafetyFirst

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