Truck Runs Fire in Bowie
By Fire Officer Ryan Hubbard
August 14, 2023

On Monday, August 14, 2023 at 1745hrs Prince Georges County PSC alerted companies for the reported house fire in the 14800blk of Bowie Farm Court in south Bowie. E843 arrived on the scene to find a 2-story single-family dwelling with nothing evident. Upon their 360 they found smoke from the roof and ultimately requested the working fire dispatch. Once command was established other units were also requested for further resources due to the size and conditions of the structure. At 1803hrs CCECC dispatched Truck 5 for the mutual aid response and Truck 5 quickly responded. Once arrived Truck 5 was assigned to operate on Division 2 per command and went to work. Truck 5 assisted with opening up, checking for extension, and extinguishing remaining fire alongside other companies. Truck 5 operated for just under 2 hours and made its way back to Dunkirk.

This is the second working fire for Calvert’s Truck Company this week alone.