New Ladder Truck Coming to Dunkirk!
By Member Gregory Pross
August 7, 2019

Today marks another monumental day for the Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department. Fire Chief Toby Sealey and President Scott Peterson signed a contract to build a brand new Seagrave ladder truck for the Dunkirk VFD. With the growth of Dunkirk and the surroundings areas as well as the excellent staffing provided by the Dunkirk Volunteers, it was determined that a ladder truck would be needed to best serve the community. In November of 2018 the Dunkirk Volunteers placed in service a 1994 Seagrave ladder truck making Dunkirk one of 3 full service departments in Calvert County (North Beach and Solomons being the others). Since being placed in service, truck 5 has shown its value and worth by being the busiest truck company in Calvert County. While this truck has served very well to both train the dedicated volunteers and operate in service, today the vision for a brand new ladder truck was realized. This new ladder truck was designed by our apparatus committee after many hours or tireless research, planning, and work. Some of the major features of this aerial apparatus are:

100' heavy duty rear mount non-quint aerial
35’ 5” bumper to bumper length
Short wheel base for increased maneuverability
Side stacked portable ground ladders
8kw Harrison generator
360 degree scene lighting
Seating for 6 with roll-tek protection and safety restraints
Jacobs engine break
16’ jack-span x 1 set of jacks

Ground ladders:
35' x 2
28' x 2
24' x 2
16 X 2
14'(mounted on the aerial)
12 attic
10 attic
12 combination
12 roof

This ladder truck is being custom built by FWD Seagrave for the Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department and will be the first ever Seagrave to feature side stacked portable ground ladders! The Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department Chiefs, Officers, and Members would like to thank the community, the Calvert County Commissioners, and the Calvert County Fire Commission for all of their support and assistance in making this much needed service possible.