Squad 5 Operates for 7 Hours in PG County
By Jonathan Riffe
December 29, 2018

At 0728 hours, units from Prince George’s County were alerted for the building fire at 12601 Old Marlboro Pike. First arriving units found heavy smoke and fire conditions from a large warehouse.

Minutes later, the Second Alarm was sounded bringing Dunkirk Squad 5 to the scene. Initially Squad 5 & PG Truck 28 were assigned RIT on the Alpha side. Later, they were redirected with Truck 28 to relieve company’s operating on the Charlie side of the structure. Following that operation, Squad 5, PG Engine 37 and PG Tower 33 opened up and operated attack lines on the Bravo side of the structure.

Dunkirk Squad 5 operated on the scene for 7 hours before returning to service.